Connectomes as a Service (CaaS)
Connectomes as a Service allows you to import/create/edit Connectomes and using our API, you can connect and run these connectomes with robotics or applications.
Artificial Connectomes = Artificial Intelligence?
Connectomix is an early stage research company dedicated to understanding connectome networks, and applying the acquired knowledge.

Our proprietary Artificial Connectome Framework will enable you to create general AI that can be adapted to any domain-specific task, and used in unsupervised learning environments.
Currently, we are working on the creation of artificial connectomes and building our Artificial Connectome Framework.

Using the Watts-Strogatz small world modeling, we can create artificial connectomes that can be put into Cortical Processing Units, and integrated into working Artificial Brains.

Our novel approach allows us to build robots that perform various tasks independently, using only our Connectome Engine.

Find more information about our beginning research and open source software at Connectome Engine
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